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The Farfa Abbey

Visit the beautiful Farfa Abbey, one of the most famous European Abbeys of the Middle Ages. More than 500 monks used to live here. The herbal store inside the abbey sells all kinds of natural products such as ointments, liquors and herbal teas made by the monks.

Abbazia di Farfa

Abbazia di Vescovio

This beautiful church is built over the ruins of an important Roman market, the Forum Novum. Here a group of British Archeologists recently discovered an amphitheatre that could host more than 3000 people. Enter the Abbey, with its XIV century frescoes, walk down the cript, left and right of the apse, where you can still see the top part of Roman columns.

The Museum of Olive Oil in Castelnuovo di Farfa

This interesting museum is in the old town of Castelnuovo di Farfa, in the heart of the Oil Route of Sabina, and intended to celebrate one of the finest varieties of olive oil in Italy. Contemporary art from all over the world is exhibited here.

museo dell'olio

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La Casina nel Parco

La Casina nel Parco is set within the wonderful scenario of century-old olive trees. Our cuisine is looked after in every detail; every day we prepare new, refined dishes, which are made using fresh and high-quality products.

Percorrenza circa 10 min. in auto

La Casina nel parco

La Tana degli Antichi Sapori

In un ambiente caldo e familiare, curato nei minimi particolari, si può gustare la vera Cucina Sabina, con piatti fatti in casa, ottimi antipasti, carne nostrana, verdure a km zero, il fantastico olio extra vergine di oliva del nostro territorio e la nostra vasta scelta di dolci casarecci.

Percorrenza circa 10 min. in auto


OrtoBio is an organic restaurant in Sabina, near Rome, within the beautiful countryside of Poggio Mirteto.
Its cuisine is very refined, express, fresh and genuine.


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